Recently there has been a spate of arguments online regarding a variety of White cultural products, and the fact that they lack “diversity.”. I am not out looking for the stuff, so most of what I have seen is in regards to some whores-in-action show on HBO called “girls,” and the iconic gaming system Dungeons and Dragons.

I have been cheered, at least in regards to the DnD stuff, to see Whites push back; however, most continue to not explicitly defend the product as theirs, they merely hate political correctness. Without arguments based in the right to have their culture remain White, eventually they will lose that argument. The PC trolls should found their own companies; however that would contradict the central tenants here – to take over existing institutions (cultural marxism) and use them to remake society against its will.

The arguments over “girls” has brought up some interesting points. Firstly, most of the women attacking the show seem to have had the same experiences, gone to similar schools, ect as the creator. However, not being White, they continue to view themselves as an damaged group looking in on society, and they want (nay, demand) their set-asides. It is not enough that they are bright and successful.

It seems to me that this is a fundamental problem with immigration from everywhere instead of primarily from Europe. 100 years ago the society of the US worked *very* hard to integrate european immigrants of various cultures. Mostly these people and their descendants joined American society, adopted the A-P culture, and blended in. No matter how much culture an Asian, Black, Indian ect takes in, they will never blend in. Therefore the peace that prevailed as immigrants blended into society in the past is not, and most likely cannot, ever happen.

This matter is of course made 100 times worse when the immigrants are of low IQ stock and cannot even achieve the success of “girls” critics.


This is alittle lighter…but does anyone have any suggestions on a good company for buying viking/WN clothing from? I’m looking for a nice summer jacket atm, but more importantly would like to find a friendly company to do business with. I used to like thor steiner’s stuff, but its gotten less “nordic” since the arabs bought it. Also its insanely expensive, so I never bought anything from them.

I’ve done some searching on the web and via stormfront, and I haven’t seen much.

Any ideas?

Question for discussion: Absent a catastrophe which buys us time, can the peoples and cultures of western civilization survive with states all their own?

On this point, I am afraid that I am increasingly a pessimist. While I wish for a catastrophe of some sort which, like God rescuing Europe from the Mongol threat, would give us time, I think it is unwise to count on such circumstances.

In this situation, I think the best bet for whites is to a. Support the institutions, practices and folkways of your local culture. B. As much as humanely possible, codify these practices. Surviving as a market-dominant majority/minority requires people to pay much more attention. Like the Jews, our survival as a group of peoples necessitates the fostering of both fellow-feeling and the codification and replication of our cultural practices, beliefs, ect.

I am concerned that we mainly fight political battles today, when it is cultural battles that need waging. Cultural marxism slowly has replaced all of our “commonly understoods.” In the future, we cannot be so free-wheeling about the who, what, and why. Another Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity book does nothing. A strong philosophical text rooted in the American experience and western history could be foundational. Spengler’s Decline of the West is an interesting start, as are a variety of books by Buchanan, Taylor, ect. They however live too much in the moment, fighting todays political battles, or being too pessimistic.

If you are a pessimist about these things, as I have said I am, save that energy for hobbies, for preparing, for your family. Don’t waste it on the ungrateful. Instead write fiction or non-fiction which glorifies and records what you love, what you miss, or what you think is vital to our survival!

Alright, kinda digressed, but what are your thoughts?


One of the most important things in my life is the protection not only of the WASP culture, but of the unique culture of the place I grew up; Maine.  Today it faces the same threats as any place in the United States, with one difference.  Unlike every other spot on water of the Atlantic, Maine has not succumbed to the soul-crushing homogeneity of modern American corporatism.  I recently read a great book on the history of Maine, which makes this case: The Lobster Coast by Colin Woodward.

I think that, just as important to our struggle to protect American culture, Western Civilization, and the White Race, is the importance and celebration of home, hearth, and the folkways of local cultures.


For quite awhile I have been working to achieve the status on the discussion site “policymic.com” of publishing articles.  My intent has been to try and open up the discussion regarding our issues: immigration, the national question, multiculturalism, western civilization, race, ethnicity, culture, localism, ect.  Far too many people are not exposed to our points of view, shielded as they are by the mainstream media and political correctness.

This morning a racial/social “justice” activist named Felicia Reid posted a particularly offensive article on policymic regarding the need for more (MORE???) multiculturalism in our schools and society.  Here is the article: http://www.policymic.com/articles/6747/america-s-schools-bleach-out-minorities-and-fail-to-teach-multiculturalism

I’ve responded, highlighting that diversity is not necessarily a strength, and that the more racially/ethnically diverse we become, the more important a common culture is.

What thoughts does everyone have regarding how we can spread our message and utilize sites like policymic to awaken the sleepers all around us?


On Derbyshire

Happy Easter everyone. I thought I’d throw up a post here regarding the firing of John Derbyshire, though it has been well covered on our side of the fence. The comments on places like the atlantic and forbes have also been spectacular, great job everyone.

It is important that we reach out to people in these venues, and I think calling out publications for saying that reality = racism is a great way to do it. It is especially good in the run-up to this summers flash-mobs, which will highlight our points even better. Treating everyone as an individual does not mean you throw your common sense away.


Welcome to Yggdrasil Shrugged.  I have created this blog to facilitate a discussion of current events, politics, culture and media.  I am new to blogging, so I appreciate any comments or suggestions that you have.